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I am a New York City-based immigration attorney with extensive experience and excellent reputation for effective legal representation in simple and difficult immigration cases. I have experience in areas of deportation defense (criminal and non-criminal), federal court litigation, representation on appeals and motions with the immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals, family-based immigration, asylum, naturalization, and consular processing. Working with me, you, your family member, or your friend, will benefit from my experience, knowledge, and desire to see my clients succeed.

Prior to starting my own law practice, I worked at a fast-paced Manhattan immigration law firm, where I learned that every client’s situation is unique and requires special attention to details that are unique to that case. Every person has a story and it needs to be told properly to the immigration authorities. Nothing in immigration law “simple,” despite what you may have heard. Immigration law is not about filling out forms — it takes much more than that to succeed either in court or with the agency. It takes creativity, preparation, and attention to details. It takes working closely with an experienced immigration lawyer who can demonstrate knowledge of the law and show compassion in preparing every case. Many of my past and present clients have turned to me after being let down by another attorney or a representative in immigration matters.

From the moment you become my firm’s client, you will be in direct communication with me. I will regularly keep you updated on the progress of your case. Your calls or e-mails will be answered promptly. You will also be able to schedule an appointment with me at your convenience to discuss your case. You will get the most important thing you seek from an immigration lawyer: honesty and integrity.

As your immigration lawyer, you can expect three things from me: personal and individualized attention to your case, professionalism, and accessibility to a lawyer.

If you want this kind of attention from your immigration lawyer, then I am the lawyer for you!

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