Deportation Avoided! – Clients Succeed on Appeal Based on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

I recently succeeded on an appeal and a remand motion at the Board of Immigration Appeals, where my clients were not informed about their eligibility for relief from deportation either by the Immigration Judge or their own (former) lawyer! During my clients’ initial removal proceedings in immigration court, everyone just focused on whether my clients […]

Recent Board of Immigration Appeals Decisions of Interest

Check out the most recent precedent decisions issued by the Board of Immigration Appeals!  Some noteworthy decisions: Matter of Garcia, 25 I.&N. Dec. 332 (BIA 2010): A convictions for a single crime involving moral turpitude that qualifies as a petty offense is not for an “offense referred to in section 212(a)(2)” of the INA, for […]

An "Aggravated Felon" Client Declared a U.S. Citizen!

Today is an exciting day at Thaker Berowitz LLP!  After waiting for almost two years for a decision on an appeal filed by the Department of Homeland Security on our client’s  victory in immigration court, we just received a decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals (“Board”), which has declared one of our clients to […]

BIA Filing Grace Period

The Board of Immigration Appeals was closed February 5-11, 2010, due to extreme weather conditions in the Washington, DC, area.  On this occasion, the Board will apply a temporary “grace period” for the following filings: (1) the filing was due on any date from Friday, February 5, 2010, to Thursday, February 18, 2010, and (2) […]