Cancellation of Removal Victory in Immigration Court

Today, an immigration judge in New York granted my client cancellation of removal for permanent residents.  My client had an old criminal conviction for drug possession.  He has been a lawful permanent resident (LPR) since 1981!  In 2013, he traveled abroad, and when he returned, he was found inadmissible to the United States as a […]

Joint Motion to Reopen Granted!

I am thrilled to report that today, I received a letter from DHS agreeing to join in a proposed joint motion to reopen I had filed for a very deserving client, so that she could finally have a chance to pursue permanent residency!  She has waited over 20 years for this!

The U.S. Immigration Court System

If you ever wondered why the U.S. immigration court system is so inefficient, here is a good article that explains why. The system is overburdened with not enough resources.  More cases are being filed in immigration courts by the Department of Homeland Security.  Many immigrants are experiencing poor legal representation from immigration lawyers (or other […]

Newly Re-Designed Website for the Executive Office for Immigration Review

The U.S. Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) has a newly re-designed website!  Check it out! Some helpful quick links: EOIR’s Virtual Law Library (for latest Board of Immigration Appeals decisions) Immigration Court listings (for contact information of all immigration courts nationwide) EOIR Forms (forms that are used in immigration courts and at […]

A New System of Independent Immigration Courts? Could Happen!

A New York Times article from February 8, 2010 reported that the American Bar Association has adopted a proposal in which it argued that immigration courts should be removed from the Department of Justice and set up as independent courts, still within the executive branch, under terms in Article I of the Constitution. The highest […]

At-A-Glance: Executive Office for Immigration Review

Ever wonder how someone is placed in removal proceedings? Do you know what to expect when you (or someone you know) appear in front of an immigration judge? Do you know the difference between a “credible fear interview” and a “reasonable fear interview”? Do you know your options after an immigration judge makes a decision […]