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Procedure for Seeking a Pardon in New York to Relieve Deportation Consequences

Sep 28, 2010 | Pardons

The New York State Pardon Panel has issued its procedures for requesting an official pardon from the Governor to avoid deportation consequences resulting from a criminal conviction.

Those seeking pardons should send the following information by way of letter to:

The Executive Clemency Unit
New York State Division of Parole
97 Central Avenue
Albany, New York  12206

• Applicant’s name
• Applicant’s address
• A contact phone number for the applicant or his or her legal representative or advocate
• Applicant’s date of birth
• Applicant’s country of birth or citizenship
• Applicant’s Social Security Number
• Whether Immigration proceeding are pending and the status of those proceedings
• What was the crime (or crimes) for which the applicant is seeking a pardon
• A short description of the crime and the place where it occurred
• Date of sentencing and the sentence received
• Whether the applicant is currently in State or federal custody or under parole supervision

Applicants should also submit any other information that might be helpful to the Pardon Panel, including but not limited to information regarding their family circumstances, their employment, any community or other public service they have performed, and any rehabilitation programs they have attended.

There is no application form for requesting a pardon. All pardon requests must be submitted by October 1, 2010.

Ruchi Thaker