About Ruchi Thaker

U.S. Immigration Attorney

Ruchi Thaker, Immigration Attorney

Ruchi Thaker, Immigration Attorney

I have been an immigration lawyer for over 22 years, and I focus exclusively on U.S. immigration law. My practice is limited to:

Because immigration law is federal law, I can represent clients in any state in the United States! I can even represent someone who wants to immigrate to the United States from abroad!

More about me

Experience with U.S. Immigration Cases

As an immigration lawyer, my goal has always been to provide the highest quality of legal representation to those facing deportation or other form of separation from family and loved ones, or when applying for any immigration benefit in the United States, such as green card or citizenship. Over the last 22 years in practice, I have successfully helped hundreds of clients with their immigration cases, whether they were facing deportation for a simple immigration violation, such as entering the country unlawfully or overstaying a visa, to more complex situations involving serious criminal convictions. I have also represented clients in federal courts, at administrative interviews, and on appeals and motions before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Board of Immigration Appeals, various immigration courts throughout the country, as well as joint motions to reopen old deportation or removal orders with Department of Homeland Security. I always want to make sure that my clients fully understand how the current U.S. immigration laws apply to their specific case, as laws are changing constantly through policymaking by political administration or by case law, and because no two cases are ever the same. At the end of the day, my first priority is to make sure that my clients have necessary and accurate information about their own immigration case, what they can and should expect as they pursue their case, and how I can help with the process. My experience has taught me that my clients appreciate direct responses from the lawyer when they have questions about their case or the law, which has allowed me to tailor my law practice to meet those specific needs people have.

My Own Immigration Story

My interest in immigration law stems from my own personal experiences when I was growing up. I immigrated from India at the age of 9. Having gone through the U.S. immigration process myself, I discovered the countless difficulties and frustrations presented by the immigration system, the lack of accurate information available, and the delays caused in the administrative process. When I became a U.S. citizen in 1996, I realized that even though I understood English well and was in college, I found it extremely difficult to navigate the U.S. immigration system, including its forms that often lack clarity, the laws, and procedures. After going through that experience, I decided that I wanted to be an immigration lawyer and help others navigate the complicated system of U.S. immigration laws. At Syracuse University College of Law, I focused my time and experience in learning immigration law in and out of school, including volunteering at an immigration lawyer’s office in Syracuse, working as a summer intern at the Newark Immigration Court in New Jersey after my first year of law school, and working as a summer associate at a Manhattan immigration law firm after my second year of law school. Following my graduation in 2002, I joined a fast-paced New York City immigration law firm, where I concentrated my efforts on deportation and removal defense, family-based immigration, drafting appeals and motions, and federal court litigation.

Tailored Client Experience for Better Quality Representation

In the spring of 2007, I started my own law practice with a partner, because I felt I could help people more individually in a smaller size boutique law practice rather than in a high-volume larger firm. I was right! I found the personalized service to clients more rewarding than I expected, and wanting to go even further in providing tailored service to each individual client, in 2012, I started my solo practice that exists today, where I handle everything from the initial client contact, to answering phone calls, responding to e-mails, preparing all written legal work, and attending interviews or conducting immigration court hearings! All of my experiences, personal and professional, have only deepened my love for immigration law and I cannot imagine doing anything else that would be more rewarding than helping people with their immigration journey to either come to the United States, or to remain here with their families and loved ones.  I have learned so much about each and every client that has passed through my office, and many continue to stay in touch years later, sharing their family stories and photos, just so that I can see the difference I made in their lives.  What more can I ask for!?

Quick Facts About Me:

  • Selected to 2023 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition
  • Selected to 2022 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition
  • Selected to 2021 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition
  • Selected to 2020 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition
  • Selected to 2019 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition
  • Selected to Top Women Attorneys in NYC Metro – 2019
  • Selected to 2018 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition
  • Selected to Top Women Attorneys in NYC Metro – 2016
  • Selected to 2015 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition Listing
  • Selected to 2014 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition Listing
  • Selected to 2013 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro Edition Listing
  • Selected to 2012 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro “Rising Star” Listing
  • Selected to 2011 Super Lawyer – NYC Metro “Rising Star” Listing
  • Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association


Syracuse University College of Law, J.D., 2002; Douglass College-Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, B.A., 1999

Practice Areas:

Family-based Immigration, Naturalization, Deportation and Removal Defense, Immigration Waivers, Consular Processing, VAWA Cases, Federal Court Litigation, and more!

Federal Court Admissions:

  • United States Supreme Court (2007)
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (2006)
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (2006)
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (2005)
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (2003)
  • United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (2003)
  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York (2003)
  • United States District Court for the Northern District of New York (2003)
  • United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (2002)

Published Decisions:

  • Matter of Zmijewska, 24 I. & N. Dec. 87 (BIA 2007) (An noncitizen has not voluntarily failed to depart the United States under section 240B(d)(1) of the INA when the noncitizen, through no fault of his or her own, was unaware of the voluntary departure order or was physically unable to depart within the time granted)
  • Zmijewska v. Gonzales, 426 F.3d 99 (2d Cir. 2005) (remanding to the Board of Immigration Appeals to determine whether an noncitizen, who through no fault of her own, fails to depart under a grant of voluntary departure remains subject to the bar for failing to depart)
  • Ashley v. Ridge, 288 F.Supp.2d 662 (D.N.J. Oct. 29, 2003) (automatic stay of an Immigration Judge’s grant of bond to a detained noncitizen is unconstitutional)

I encourage you to look around my website and I hope you find the information here helpful. If you or a loved one are in need of an experienced immigration lawyer, feel free to contact me to see how I can help!


L. Anthony (NY)

“The absolute best. The best experience that I could have possibly asked for. She is genuine, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. Although our professional journey has ended I consider Ruchi as a friend now. She is the best!!!!!”

Wayne (Edison, NJ)

“Ruchi is a real, honest, caring, diligent, relentless, and passionate lawyer. From the moment my family retained her to the moment she won my case, she has been there. She puts in the work and this is something you can’t fake. In a world where shady immigration lawyers is almost the norm, it’s such a relief to have met Ruchi. I want to thank you Ruchi, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my entire family for being you. Really just an exceptional representation and defense with my case! God bless!”

E&K S.

“Sincerest thank you!! Ruchi was our lawyer for my wife’s application for her green card in the U.S. While she started as our lawyer, she became a trusted advisor and confidant. What we expected to be a stressful process became much more reasonable due to Ruchi’s patient guidance. She took away the myths by educating us about what we could expect based on her experience. Throughout the process, she was open, warm and kind. We both felt that we were in good hands at all times. Our application was successful – and fast – and this was largely due to the care she took in advising us on all areas of the process. We can’t begin to say how much we appreciate what you have done. We remain very grateful for your expertise, professionalism, thoroughness, and kindness. E & K”