Ruchi Thaker, Immigration Attorney

Client Testimonials

I am extremely proud of the quality of legal representation I provide to my clients in their immigration matters. But don’t take my word for it. See what my former clients have to say about my legal services and representation!   All reviews are genuine and verification is available upon request. As you read these testimonials, keep in mind that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes and each case is individually unique. If you are a former client and would like to leave a review, please do so on the firm’s Google or Avvo listing.


2023 – Varun K. (MA)

We had an exceptional experience working with Ruchi for our marriage-based adjustment of status. Throughout the entire process, Ruchi demonstrated extensive knowledge, responsiveness, and patience. She expertly guided us from the initial consultation to the completion of our application, addressing all of our concerns and ensuring that our paperwork was in order. Ruchi’s attention to detail and ability to clearly explain the process were particularly valuable. She provided regular updates and was always available to speak with us. Thanks to Ruchi’s exceptional expertise and guidance, we were able to navigate the process with ease. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an immigration lawyer.

2022 – A. Feliciano (NJ)

Ruchi has been an amazing lawyer since day one. Her years of expertise and wisdom has made the process very easy and stress free for my husband and I. While working with her, she was professional, patient, gave clear direction, and is very down to earth. Ruchi, I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for us!

2022 – L. Anthony (NY)

The absolute best. The best experience that I could have possibly asked for. She is genuine, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. Although our professional journey has ended I consider Ruchi as a friend now. She is the best!!!!!

2022 – K. Angara (MN/GA)

Ruchi has been absolutely phenomenal. During the process of my adjustment of status, I had moved between multiple states. Throughout the process, Ruchi was very communicative and extremely responsive. She is meticulous, thorough, and patient. Her meticulousness if reflected in the fact that she helped me understand what each document I was submitting was actually for and how it added strength to my application. I loved how Ruchi had a dedicated dropbox for our application and the ease it created for adding and removing documents. My wife and I are very lucky to have worked with Ruchi and highly recommend her and her law firm for family-based immigration. Thank you so much, Ruchi!

2021 – R. Bagul (FL)

For my Adjustment of Status case, Ruchi has been very responsive and very thorough about the process. She guided us every step of the way from filling applications to case approval and everything in between. Due to COVID 19, so many things have changed in application process and Ruchi updated us every step of the way. Specially we being out of state client (never had to visit her office even once!), she is so supportive and informative about everything. And best part is she will get to know you and check up on you, with emails, phone calls etc. We were at ease due to her support during the whole process which led to the positive outcome. I would definitely recommend her for any immigration services.

2021 – M. Mirzaei (NY)

I rarely give a review to a person or service over the internet, however, Ruchi Thaker is a unique one that I can’t even find enough words to praise her. I know Ruchi for 3 years and she has been my attorney during this period for my N400 Naturalization and I90 Replacement of Green Card applications. Just to describe her in one sentence, she is Amazing and I STRONGLY recommend her for any type of immigration services. I have consulted with many attorneys before filing my applications, and to be honest with you many of them just care about money and they have no idea of what they are talking about. However, Ruchi is absolutely different. She will analyze your case in the first session and will truthfully tell you what your chances are and whether your case is go or no go. If there is a minimal chance of success, she will make it happen. Her subject matter expertise and experience were beyond my expectations. Moreover, she is very accessible, supportive, and she will be there whenever you need her. If you are reading this review and looking for an immigration attorney to help you with your case, I would suggest that you stop and call Ruchi. At the end, Ruchi, I want to say thank you for being such an amazing and supportive person. With your help, I am now a proud American.

2021 – Ozony E. (NY)

Ruchi Thaker has been my lawyer now for almost a decade! she has been with me from the very beginning when I received my removal proceedings. She helped me win my removal proceedings case in 2016 and has today(January 28, 2021) helped me win approval for my n400 application which has finally realized my dream of being a citizen of this great nation I call my own. Ruchi is immaculate! she does not work a day in her life because she enjoys what she does and that is helping so many realize their immigration dreams in this country I can only hope she continues to be blessed with this love of her craft. She will fight for your rights and make sure that you are being treated fairly. Ruchi will not leave a stone unturned, she is a master in immigration law and knows all the ins and out. Please if you read this review know it comes from the heart and I whole heartedly recommend Ruchi for all immigration matters! You will never be disappointed by Ruchi and she will always be at the ready for you.

2020 – Neeha Reddy V. (NY)

I found Ruchi in 2018 through a Google search and visited her for a consultation. I was on an L-1 work visa and had just married a Legal Permanent Resident and I wasn’t fully sure if and how I could apply for permanent resident status in the US. After my initial consultation with Ruchi, I decided to work with her to file all my forms which were the initial I-130 petition followed by the Adjustment of Status (I-485). All through the process, Ruchi was very clear in communicating all the must-do and don’t-do advice. This entire process has been as smooth as it can get and we’ve had to face none of the USCIS processing horror stories one reads about online. I would highly recommend Ruchi to anyone that is considering the family based immigration process, especially in these anxiety-inducing times.

2019 – A. Filho (NY)

Immigration can be complicated, we need to prepare and send so many documentation, attend to fingerprint session, interview, adjustment of status, etc… You need a lawyer that is responsive and accessible. Someone that is there for you! I only have good things to state about Ruchi.
1) She is super responsive, you sent an email, 10 min later you have an answer!
2) She is excellent on getting all the paperwork organized
3) She is always on time
4) She keeps track of everything, you will not miss any details on any case.
5) The level of effort and excellence that Ruchi offers, you can’t find easily.
If you are looking for a lawyer, stop now, you will not regret having Rutchi by your side

2019 – C. Clements (NY)

Ruchi Thaker is an excellent attorney, extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and really cares about her clients and attaining a positive outcome for her clients. There are many attorneys that one can turn to, but my wife and I highly recommend Ruchi Thaker.

We utilized Ruchi Thaker to handle the immigration case of my wife for her Permanent Residency (Green Card) application. From the onset, Ruchi was very professional and helpful in navigating the system. She conducted a very thorough interview to gather the necessary information from us, explained all of the forms, walked us through the application process and what we could expect, gave a detailed list of the documents and information that we needed to gather, and handled everything in a way that made the process understandable, as easy as possible for us, and in a manner that showed she truly cared about us and attaining the positive outcome we sought.

Throughout the process, Ruchi stayed in constant contact with us, sent reminders of upcoming dates and procedures, and basically handled everything for us. Obviously, we had to supply her with the documents needed for the various application forms, but she organized everything and handled everything else. In the end, my wife’s application for Permanent Residency status was approved. Given the help and thoroughness of Ruchi everything went smoothly and we were definitely prepared for the interview at USCIS.

In conclusion, we could not be more satisfied, pleased, and happy with the level of service provided and way that Ruchi Thaker handled our case. Ruchi Thaker is, in our opinion, the best immigration attorney there is and we will definitely be turning to her again when my wife will apply for her citizenship in a couple years time. If you need an immigration attorney, we highly recommend Ruchi Thaker.

July 2017 – Mr. C (Charlotte, NC)

First of all, I have never met a more reliable, polite, punctual and effective attorney than Ruchi. The reason why she is so effective is that she does ALL the WORK that you hire her for by herself. She is a true PROFESSIONAL in all aspects if the word. When you call her office, Ruchi will personally answer the phone instead of letting interns or receptionists talk to you. We all know how receptionists can give us the run-around. My case was closed and I was facing removal and even deportation because of all kinds of omissions and errors in my case and that some of my previous attorneys missed responses and other things. However, everything changed once I spoke to Ruchi. She told me that she can fix everything and get me on a path to get my green card after I had gone through a real painful experience. She told me exactly what to do every step of the way and she followed through with that promise and 9 months later I got my green card! When it was time that I was eligible to naturalize and be a US citizen, I thought of no other attorney than Ruchi. I contacted her, and again she gave me instructions on what to do and 9 months later again, I was naturalized as a US citizen! What is even so beautiful about Ruchi is that she agreed to travel to be with me at my citizenship interview. This gave me the confidence that I needed and I recommend her to anyone needing immigration or naturalization services. If she takes your case, you will be happy.

February 2017 – Wayne (Edison, NJ)

Ruchi is a real, honest, caring, diligent, relentless, and passionate lawyer. From the moment my family retained her to the moment she won my case, she has been there. She puts in the work and this is something you can’t fake. In a world where shady immigration lawyers is almost the norm, it’s such a relief to have met Ruchi. I want to thank you Ruchi, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my entire family for being you. Really just an exceptional representation and defense with my case! God bless!

January 2017 – Nikki (NJ)

Two years ago an unexpected crisis put my immigration status at stake. I was under a time crunch when Ms. Thaker agreed take on my difficult case. She worked diligently with me and my family during the holiday time and prepared a solid response. She represented me extremely well and in due time everything was taken care of. However, my ordeal was not over. A year later, I faced another tough situation during the naturalization process. On the day of the interview Ms. Thaker was by my side and stayed confident throughout the questioning. She gave me peace of mind during the time of post-interview scrutiny and thanks to her I am a US Citizen now.
Ms. Thaker is very hard working, knowledgeable and dependable. She helped me turn things around for myself and I am glad that I chose her to represent me. She is simply the best and I highly recommend her services.

June 2016 – Nana Kojo (New York, NY)

To this day, I cannot believe my luck in finding Ruchi to represent me in my case which seemed to be a ” dead end” case. My first encounter with Ruchi was immediately after having my case denied. Had my share(2) of immigration attorneys here in Manhattan. Ruchi reopened my case I-130
My overall experience with Ruchi cannot be overstated. Not only was she genuinely interested in my case, I like the fact that she’s a very hands on attorney . She stayed on top of every process and updated me every at every stage, thereby reducing my anxiety . I was able to worry less knowing that my case was entrusted with her. It also didn’t hurt to have an attorney with a hearty disposition.I picked up my Greencard today and it was bitter sweet for me, in the sense that I’m really going to miss being in the capable hands of a very competent attorney. Ruchi will fight for you the best way she can. If you need help with your case, one name-Ruchi!
With utmost gratitude—-
Nana. K

May 2016 – Zahra W. (New York, NY)

Ruchi is AMAZING!! Not only is she a brilliant immigration attorney, Ruchi is kind, caring and went beyond her requirements and responsibilities in order to help me get my green card. Ruchi is accommodating, through and meticulous. Ruchi is very easily accessible, and responds to emails and phone calls almost immediately. I would recommend Ruchi to anyone who is looking for an immigration attorney; her fees are very reasonable. Ruchi treated my case like I was a priority, and as though she was only working on my case (even though she was working on multiple cases at the same time). Ruchi eased my mind, and assured me that everything was in order. In my opinion, Ruchi went beyond my expectations, and she is a rare and prime example of excellence.

April 2016 – Anu C. (New York, NY)

Ruchi was a pleasure to work with from the initial consultation until the day our case was approved and green card was in hand. She was always very accessible, responsive, and reliable, and was an extremely knowledgeable resource on timelines, procedures, current immigration laws and what to expect from the process from start to finish. Ruchi was efficient and timely in preparing the paperwork and forms for every stage of the application and was diligent and thorough in creating a comprehensive case file to ensure we were providing all information necessary for a successful adjudication of our case. Ruchi was on top of things every step of the way and we knew we could rely on her to make sure everything was taken care of which was of great help and a huge relief given our hectic schedules. We were in fantastic hands and would not hesitate to highly recommend working with her to anyone. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work, Ruchi!

March 2016 – Jose E. (New York, NY)

I am so happy I found Ms. Ruchi!! she save me from deportation! I had a big problem when I made mistake and got conviction. I was scared be sent back to my contry (dominican republic) because my family all in america!! but ms. Ruchi say to me that I can ask judge to forgive mistake in court to keep my greencard. i was scared to go to court but Ms. Ruchi came to all my hearings and did everything right by giving judge all papers to show that i am a good person overall and my family all in usa so to give me chance to stay here. ms. Ruchi ask me questions about my life so i can answer them in court and the government lawyer didn’t ask too many question. judge was happy with how my case was put together and she forgive me! i know i can’t do this without ms. Ruchi!!! my family also very happy with her. if you are worried about deportation, call Ms. Ruchi right away. she will tell you truth about your case! I am going to go back to her when i can file for citizenship! thank you Ms. Ruchi for everything you do for me and family!

March 2016 – Julia S. (New York, NY)

I highly recommend Ruchi Thaker! I had a complicated case with criminal history and with her assistance, I was able to achieve a favorable result on my case! She was detailed and always kept me posted on my case by email or phone. She is very accessible and treated me with respect. I will always recommend her to anyone needing an immigration lawyer.

July 2015 – Kamil G. (New York)

I had a semi-complicated naturalization case, and after discussing all possible outcomes with Ruchi, I decided to hire her to help me with my case. I was prepared for the worst (a possible denial of my case), but because of my consultation with Ruchi, I decided to apply for my citizenship. From the beginning, Ruchi communicated with me directly and clearly what paperwork I was going to need for my case. She told me what to do and what not to do while my case was pending. Her explanations for her advice were clear, and I am thankful for her advice. She carefully prepared my case, and she also fully prepared me for the interview, anticipating the questions that might arise during the interview related to the complication in my case. Ruchi came to the interview with me in March 2015, which helped me a little with my anxiety. During the interview, the officer did bring up the complication in my case, and since Ruchi had prepared me to handle the questions, I was able to communicate with the officer and explain the situation. However, at the end of the interview, the officer said she had to review my case. At that point, I did not know what would happen. We did not hear anything for about a month, which I thought was unusually long. Ruchi indicated to me that USCIS was likely investigating the complication in my case. I was getting anxious and wanted Ruchi to follow up with USCIS. But she sensed something and told me to wait a little longer before following up, so that we do “ruffle any feathers.” The day after I asked Ruchi to follow up, she informed me that USCIS had approved my case! I got the Oath notice in the mail, and I finally became a United States citizen! I am so happy! Working with Ruchi was easy and she always almost immediately (or as soon as she could) answered my emails or phone calls. I never felt I was not important. She kept me informed anytime there was any activity on my case. Even when I wanted to travel while my case was pending, she gave me advice about whether I should make the trip or not. I feel like I made the right decision when I hired Ruchi, and I know I will certainly recommend her to anyone who asks me for an immigration lawyer contact. I highly recommend her if you are looking for an immigration lawyer for your own case, whether it’s simple or complicated.

June 2015 – Ivett S. (New York)

Me and my husband are very happy, and would like to Thank YOU to help us in every and each step of our way. We were informed all the time, and we could count on you in every minute. Will keep in contact, we would love to count on you in the future to continue with our case until the last step!! Thanks So Much Ruchi 🙂 !!!!

February 2015 – J. Sloan (New York, NY)

I was so fortunate to have found Ruchi, she was professional and thorough from start to finish. It would be hard to find another attorney who can measure up to Ruchi by any standards. I got my green card in a little more than 6 months, and the whole process has been nothing but smooth ! There was not a single issue. I found Ruchi on Google search and at first I had my doubts not knowing if the reviews are genuine or not because there are so many of them and they are all positive, but now that I had gone through the whole process using Ruchi’s service, I can’t wait to add another positive to her profile. I had used another attorney before, one recommended to me by my employer, one of those that has a fancy address, fancy office and fancy everything, but that’s where it ends. His work was sloppy at best and every time I asked a question the attorney made me feel like he was doing me a huge favor, all I got from him was a couple sentences at most every time I had a question. It was so bad that I decided to stop the process half way, I simply did not have faith that he was acting in my best interest. Ruchi, on the contrary, spent time with me and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She was easily accessible the whole time, and she explained everything in detail. She really does care and the part that I like most is that she always stay on top of things, she is THOROUGH, not just crossing the Ts and dotting the I’s. She follows through every step of the way, even after I have my green card in my card. I have slight OCD and for me to say that someone is really thorough, you better believe it! She had saved me so much agony, I couldn’t thank her enough. I knew from the moment I met her that I had picked the right attorney. It is really hard nowadays to be able to find a good attorney, she has good work ethics and she does it with her HEART. I highly recommend Ruchi to anyone who is looking for an immigration attorney.

August 2014 – Kenneth B. (Somerset, NJ)

I had a complicated Naturalization case and I didn’t know what to do. My brother referred me to the Law Office of Ruchi Thaker. I decided to go consult them and see what my options were. From the very moment I walked into their office, I was made to feel like I was the only client and not just one of their many clients. So I decided to retain them to help me with my case and boy, am I glad I did! They did such a great job with my case and in preparing for me for the interview that, at the end, a case that seemed so daunting months earlier was made easy. At the interview I felt so confident because I knew I had a great attorney sitting next to me. Needless to say my case was approved and I was granted a United States Citizenship. One of the greatest points I want to highlight is how quickly they respond to you when you have a question or need an advice. I actually had a bet with a friend of mine whose immigration lawyer in the city was not responding to his emails that my lawyer will respond to my email within 15 minutes even on a weekend just to prove a point. I sent an email on a Saturday and got a response within 5 minutes. Now that is a star service!! I will highly recommend to anyone dealing with the immigration system to have the Law Office of Ruchi Thaker on your side. You will never have a better immigration lawyer fight for you than the Law Office of Ruchi Thaker.

August 2014 – Senol A. (Yaphank, NY)

When looking for an Attorney to handle my Immigration case, we called several law firms before I found the Law office of Ruchi Thaker. I was very impressed that I got to talk to her right away instead of going through a pre-screening staff. She spent a considerable amount of time with me on the phone discussing my case even before she knew she’d be hired. Once I got off the phone with her, I knew I had the right attorney who would help me win my case and get my citizenship. Due to my previous lawyer’s improper handling of my case, my citizenship was denied. And I was left in a situation where my future in the United States was endangered. Therefore, I was very frustrated, unhopeful and had no faith that I would win my case. That was of course, until I met Ruchi. I was placed in removal proceedings after I traveled abroad and returned to the USA. Ruchi tried to explain to the authorities that I should be allowed back into the country as a greencard holder because the immigration law was on my side. But no one listened. I even had to go through the immigration court process, where Ruchi explained to the judge that the law was on my side and that the DHS was wrong in preventing me from being admitted back as a greencard holder. Judge agreed with us and terminated my removal case! In comparison to my previous attorney, Ruchi was much more knowledgeable, proactive, attentive, and did not shuffle my case off to a Paralegal. Ruchi handled every aspect of my case personally. As my case went forward, Ruchi was able to reduce my anxiety about the case by her attention to detail. She followed up with authorities relentlessly until she got answers to her inquiries. Ruchi was always very responsive and my questions were answered within minutes. Even when the authorities were stalling our requests for information or applications and providing incorrect information for the path forward, Ruchi followed her instincts, and always prevailed. I am happy to report that my immigration court case was terminated because of her extensive legal knowledge and perseverance. After the case was over, I immediately applied for citizenship. As a result of her persistence I am now a U.S. Citizen, seven short months after my case was terminated. I also applied and received my US Passport. All thanks to Ruchi.

March 2014 – Lisa Bourque (Kentucky)

Ruchi made a scary process very comfortable for us. She more than prepared us for my Green Card interview and we wowed the officer even! It didn’t matter how many questions we had for Ruchi, she took the time to answer every single one of them. Very efficient and timely and we could not have done this without her.

March 2014 – Rupin Malhotra (NY)

I recently obtained my naturalization status and couldn’t have done it without Ruchi. She worked on my behalf from my TN visa all the way to my naturalization oath. Ruchi is professional, diligent and made the entire process seamless. The immigration path is sometimes complex and confusing. With Ruchi leading us, I always felt confident and secure. I highly recommend her.

December 2013 – Eleanor T. (CA)

I have been looking around with my sister for a reliable, trustworthy lawyer in the San Francisco Area for a year and couldn’t find one. So we figure it out that we would try someone in New York since it closer to the National Visa office. We searched online and found the Law Office of Ruchi Thaker and thanked God our prayers had answered. Just by reading her biography and reviews made our decision to choose her and she definitely did her best to get our parents here in time. Our parents lived in the South Pacific and she definitely worked hard with the National Visa in New York in straightening things out before they went for their interview with the Consular in Suva, Fiji. All her works made them excited as they have no problems with the US Consulate in Fiji as they stamped their Immigrant Visa right away.. They got here with us last weekend with only like 5 months of dealing with the National Visa. I highly recommend her and her office to anyone who’s having a similar case with me filing for our parents who resided overseas for their Green Card. She worked tremendously hard on time even on weekend. You get email right away and you can talk to her on the phone without further delaying. We have to Thank God for Ruchi Thaker for everything she has done to our beloved parents, very much appreciated. The fee is fine in relation to what she did, but i Guess , money wasn’t an issue to her as she has an affordable price! Thank you so much for all you have done to us , and you’re definitely second to None Ruchi, may God bless your heart for a good job you had done to me and my family. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

November 2013 – Felix S. (Queens, NY)

The best immigration lawyer in NYC! She is very smart, honest, accommodating and explains to you clearly the problem and the solution. You can easily approach her if you have questions and she gives her personal utmost attention to your case. If you want great results, Atty. Thaker is your lawyer. She will fight for you and will be with you all the way.

July 2013 – G. Heichal (NY)

Ruchi helped my husband and me with our marriage-based green card application. Ruchi is extremely professional and responsive. No matter what we asked her or when, she responded within a couple of hours at most. Ruchi is also very methodical and organized which is very important in dealing with the Immigration Service. If you are looking for a professional and down to earth legal counsel who doesn’t charge exuberant fees, we definitely recommend that you get in touch with Ruchi.

April 2013 – J. Varghese (NJ)

I engaged the Law offices of Ruchi Thaker to apply for US Citizenship. I expected successful, Immigration lawyers to be condescending, time bound and impatient; because that was my “root canal type ” experience with my previous attorney who worked on my Legal Permanent residence adjustment 15 years ago. Ms Thaker was different …way different. She was easy to talk to, personable and empathetic !!! My case involved some tax work that needed to be resolved and explained to INS before citizenship papers could be filed. I looked her up (among others) on the web and decided to go meet her because of some landmark cases she represented and won in Federal court.

Couple things I instantly liked about working with her:

1. She gave me full attention of her time while I was in her office. She was organized & thorough.
2.She LISTENED to me. She asked pointed questions to clarify.
3.She then evaluated and explained the case from an INS perspective. She gave me sound advice with accompanying legal rationale.
4.She was zealous for MY SIDE and gave me a set of legal options.
5. I never felt RUSHED. I was always free to reach out to her if I had “nagging” type questions.
6. She did all the questioning and due diligence up front before the interview with INS.
7. She anticipated INS questions and had me prepared for it.
8. Because we were so well prepared for all the objections that INS could have; My interview lasted less than 10 Mins with a recommendation for citizenship by the INS officer.

I would wholeheartedly hire her again. In fact I already have; to do my wife’s paperwork.

April 2013 – Rita Krishan (New York)

My husband has been living in this country for 20 years without any legal status. When I met him I tried to help him achieve an status but we asked so many lawyers but they all shut us down. The only response we got from others was if we had money or that there is no way we can get my husband a legal status. After a while we found Ruchi Thaker and saw great reviews about her and when we had her as a official lawyer every good comment about Ruchi people made were true. His case was very difficult and Ruchi had first tried to understand the case and wanted to find the strings that un-knotted the knot, and she did. When we went to her office we had no idea that she would be the person to give my husband a legal status here in the U.S. Ruchi Thaker is a very hardworking and straight to the point kind of person. If she thinks she can do it. One thing i loved about Ruchi was that she gave off positive energy and that let you talk to her with no hesitation. With her Help all the obstacles we had gone through had gone by kind of smoothly. She had always kept me informed on what was going on and what process we would be up to, what left etc, but even when she wasn’t in the office her e-mail was always open to me and would really from her heart want you to achieve what you wanted to achieve. I strongly say with no doubt that she is fantastic lawyer who will try to solve your problem. Thank You Once Again From the Bottom of My heart!!!

March 2013 – Pavan G. (New Brunswick, NJ)

I first approached Ruchi back in October 2012 to ask her to help us out with my our green card application. My spouse and I with our busy schedules were not able to devote much time for the green card application and that’s when I first met Ruchi. From the moment I stepped into her office I could tell she knew her stuff very well and that made me very comfortable to sign her up right away. She has been incredibly helpful, very easily reachable (which believe me is not easy with many lawyers out there) for any question I had along the way. She pays attention to every detail and filed our application in a timely and very efficient manner. Literally three months later we had our interview and Ruchi had come along with us and our application was approved. I still can’t believe this whole thing got done so quickly and efficiently. Many thanks once again Ruchi. I’m definitely coming back to you in a couple of years to remove the conditions on my green card and I have already been recommending you to my friends and colleagues. You’re the best….keep up the excellent work you always do !!

January 2013 – T. Haugland (Newburgh, NY)

I’ve been struggling with immigrations since 2000. As the son of an American citizen, the rules and regulations were so complex and confusing, that I’ve filed and refiled all sorts of forms, without actually getting anywhere. Until I finally figured out that I needed an ally, to guide me through the maze that is USCIS. I found Ruchi Thaker through reviews online, just like this one, and having no idea who I should choose to represent me, I took a chance on her, because people seemed to appreciate her hard work, and the results she got. Towards the end of July, we had our first phone conversation, and I was convinced that she was the one who could help me. My case couldn’t have been an easy one, but with the guidance of Ruchi, I soon had everything I needed to get my green card. It was a mad scramble at times, to reach deadlines, but she was available at almost any time of the day, and she was calm and collected, and no matter what issue arose, she knew what to do and what to say. I was called in for a green card interview in Manhattan, and she was the with me, a calming presence for me, as I was nervous and anxious after all these years. The interview went well, I got approved, and I got my green card, and I could finally get my life started. The whole process took a mere 5 months! Why I didn’t hire her earlier? who knows? The point is this, if you need someone who knows the system, and is honest and hard working, you need to look no further. Ruchi Thaker is amazing. I couldn’t possibly be happier with her, and the work she’s done for me. In 5 years I am eligible to become a citizen, and I will, once again, call Ruchi, because I know she will get the job done.

August 2012 – Charlotte J-K.

My experience with Ruchi was amazing. She is a very accessible and honest person which makes you feel instantly at ease. Without her help I will probably still be waiting for my green card approval. If you are looking for an affordable law firm, that actually treats you like a real person and makes everything run smoothly, then you have found it!

November 6, 2011 – Anna N.

I am a client of this law firm and I can say that they have been nothing but extremely professional and ALWAYS there for me whenever I had concerns regarding my case. Because of Mr. Berowitz and Ms. Thaker, I can proudly say that I am now a permanent resident of the US! Before I found out about this firm, I was signed with another lawyer who told me that my only option was to leave the country voluntarily!!! I found Irwin and Ruchi through a person who had already used their services and she told me that they will help me through this difficult process. My case was very complicated, but they were able to resolve any issues as they arose and bring my case to a successful conclusion. They have been extremely helpful and calming for me and my husband throughout the entire process. Our phone calls and emails were ALWAYS answered IMMEDIATELY whenever we had any questions or concerns and we were always made aware of what the next step was in the process and what to expect in court. I just came back from my home country after not seeing my family for 7 years and I was able to do that because of the great work that Irwin and Ruchi did for me. They were by our sides every step of the way and we are very grateful to them for everything they have done for us. I can honestly say that I would not be here now if it weren’t for them!

November 3, 2011 – Alexandra G.

I have had a very good experience with [Ruchi]. I went for a few consultations last year and this year I work with [her] to file for citizenship. All the process run smoothly, [she] helped me with everything and I got my citizenship really fast. [She was] really professional with my case and I’m really thankful for all [her] help.

October 4, 2011 – Cecelia E. (Jersey City, NJ)

Gratitude does not begin to express how I feel right this moment. I have gone through so many lawyers who saw me as nothing but a $$$$ sign. Needless to say I was extremely cautious in signing my life over to another lawyer. Upon meeting Ms Thaker my fears were vanquished. [She] saw me as a person and held my hand through every step of the way. I appreciate [her] thoroughness, knowledge, patience and understanding. I was informed of every piece of paper filed, requested, stamped and mailed. [She] answer [her] own phones, no machines or gnarly receptionist to deal with. My emails were answered within minutes. I will ALWAYS be thankful to Ms. Thaker for making it possible for me to go home (South Africa) after all these years. Words will NEVER explain the gratitude I have in my heart. YOU ARE ROCK STAR [LAWYER]. I shall for sure recommend you to anybody with an immigration issue or concern.

August 11, 2011 – O.H. (Staten Island, NY)

I’m officially a US citizen, it feels really good to say that today. I initially went to the firm a few years ago, my husband and I was actually among there first set of clients. Like the majority of people I found this law firm randomly online, and today I can testify that Ruchi Thaker is an awesome immigration lawyer. Each case is different, but in the end we all have a similar goal, to become legal US residents. I came to this country on a F1 visa (international student), from the date of initially filling for permanent residency to becoming a citizen was less than 4 years. I worked and attended college full time which meant my schedule was busy, Ruchi took the stress of my shoulders and meticulously gathered all the necessary information required by immigration which made the process go smoothly. Some of reviews on here [Google maps listing] are FALSE, this law firm is affordable, I hired the firm when I just came out of college, there fee was very reasonable for the service they were providing. In the end, I received an invoice for every document copied, faxed or mailed, and YES folks I got a check in the mail for overage/ estimated $$ not used. I recommend this firm to anyone looking for a courteous, articulate, genuine and friendly lawyers. We all want to feel important and valued. I’m sure one consultation with this firm will ease your stress and frustration with the immigration process. Good luck to everyone, my immigration journey is officially over:)

August 2, 2011 – CJ (New Jersey)

My husband and I are former clients of the firm, and we are very satisfied with their service and recommend them to anyone who is going through any immigration issues. Ms. Thaker is a respected professional who is very knowledgeable in immigration law. My husband and I have been in many consultations with different lawyers who told us we did not have a case, to big shot lawyers who were charging upwards to at least $25000. My husband’s immigration issue was that he came here as a child with his parents at the age of 2 years old as illegal immigrants. When we met with Ms. Thaker we were confident immediately from our first interaction that they could take on our case. In the consultation without any delay they were trying to find solutions for my husband to receive his green card. As a couple we know too many stories of families being separated because of deportation, and this was something we could not bear to fathom if we were to ever be separated especially since this was out of my husband’s control since he was only 2 years old when he came into this country. The process took approximately 9 months. Ms. Thaker was constantly available via telephone or emails to answer any questions or concerns we had. We had a slight speed bump in our case due to a deportation proceeding in San Francisco we were unaware of, which was in 1983 when my husband was 3 years old. Ms. Thaker worked on this immediately to close these proceedings. From our first interview and to our last, Ms. Thaker accompanied us. There is so much praise that we give to this firm. One thing we do advise you to do if you decide to take them as your attorney is to be completely honest. We are definitely pleased and could have not asked for anything more!

July 21, 2011 – May C.

You will not find better immigration [lawyer] than Ruchi and this firm! [She was] truly a blessing when we needed urgent help. From the time of our first consultation until the time I got my green card in my hand, [she was] with me every step of the way. I never felt like I couldn’t get in touch with [her]. [She] always answered my phone calls and replied to emails. What I thought was going to be a simple marriage-based green card process for me, turned out to be more complicated because of my first marriage and related history. I am a professional woman, and I thought my case would be very easy. But I didn’t know all the complicated stuff until my consultation with this law firm, where [Ruchi] carefully went over my situation, pointed out problems and offered suggestions on how to fix them. Other lawyers I went to before told me not to worry about anything and that everything would be fine. But after meeting with Ruchi and her firm, I knew I wanted her to be my lawyer, because [she was] honest and upfront about my case. She charged] a totally reasonable fee for the work that needed to be done and I never felt like I spent too much money on lawyers. [She is] worth every penny! [She] became more like friends to me and my husband and we look forward to going back to [her] when I have to file a petition to remove the conditions on my green card in two years.

July 20, 2011 – Rodrigo

I hired Ms. Thaker in early 2010 because I had a deportation order since 1996 after I overstayed my voluntary departure. No lawyers were able to help me. I lost my job of over 20 years because my employer got scared that I will be deported and they will be punished for hiring me. I was desperate. I went to see Ruchi and her law firm and they took their time to listen to everything that happened in my case since the 90s. They were smart and asked all the right questions to get to the bottom of the problem in my case and how to fix it. I hired them immediately to help reopen my case. Both were very honest and told me it would be extremely difficult because of certain facts of my case, but they promised to do their best job. And they delivered!! I worked very closely with Ruchi to put my case together (she asks questions, calls, sends emails, makes sure all document collection is going as scheduled, works with family members if needed and things like that). They did not charge an unreasonable fee for the amount of work that needed to be done and when I saw a copy of the motion Ruchi prepared, I knew in my heart that we would win. The motion had to be joined in by the government lawyer, and I was warned that it would be hard to convince one lawyer at the DHS to agree to reopen my case. But Ruchi constantly followed up with the government lawyer to see if she needed anything else, wanted to discuss the case and that sort of thing. Recently, I got the most wonderful call from the firm, who told me that the government lawyer agreed to join in the motion to reopen my old case (even though I overstayed voluntary departure years ago). I started crying because I was so happy that I will now get a chance to get my green card and stay here with my children and grandchildren. I am going back to hire the firm for the rest of my case. If I had known them much earlier, I think I would have been a citizen by now. But all good things happen for a reason and I know there was a reason these two amazing lawyers came in my life. I will never go to any other immigration lawyer!

July 3, 2011 – Art V.

The most wonderful service from Ruchi and this law firm. Given that [she is a] very competent [lawyer], [she] also [is] very personable and “real”, giving you a sense that [she is] just like your next door neighbors and friends. Secondly, [she was] actually recommended by seasoned NY paralegals who [doesn’t] even work for [her]! There’s no better recommendation, I think.

June 29, 2011 – Charles C. (South Carolina)

I remember having confidence in Ruchi the first day I spoke with her back in the summer of 2010. Ruchi had been a source of my encouragement and support for me with my immigration case and she did for my family just as she said, stand by us until I get my permanent residence granted. This lawyer knows how to talk to you and get you prepared. They also stood by us at court and my wife and I all felt confident. The firm is like family to us now and we will definitely recommend them to everyone for immigration matters. I was actually detained after my application to reopen my voluntary departure case was denied. This firm walked hard for me and not only were they able to get reopening my case granted and get me out of detention, but also get me adjustment of status to a legal permanent resident of the USA granted too. I cannot thank them more. They are the best and I am not saying this lightly! I have had so many bad experiences with attorneys, but with Ruchi and her firm you can be rest assured they got your back. The qualities that I love about this team are numerous. You don’t have to worry about speaking to assistants or receptionists, since Ruchi, the actual lawyer, answered the phone at all times and spoke directly to us. You can set up your consultation appointment with ease, and once you agree to use them as your lawyers, they will communicate price and how the money is being used, file all paperwork, give you a heads-up as to what to expect, and communicate progress of your case with you at all times. They will respond to all your questions and they have a way of giving you correct and prompt information the first time around that I just love about them. They do the right job and they know how to do it right on time! If late night working is needed to get an application done, they will put in the work for you and be rest assured that you will not miss any deadlines. I give them a 5 out of 5 rating and will definitely use them again and again!

March 30, 2011 – Leah M.

Ruchi is by far the best immigration lawyer in NYC that I’ve worked with. I had a complex immigration case and from the consultation until the end, she handled my case professionally and with compassion. She treated me with respect and genuinely cared about what happened to me, my case and my family. Without her help with my immigration case, I think I would have been deported. She is always friendly and cares so much about their clients. I can’t say that for other lawyers I’ve dealt with in the past.

March 2, 2011 – P. Patel

We hired Ms. Ruchi Thaker and her law firm for our marriage based adjustment of status case in Aug- 2010. It got approved in Dec-2010. It was the best experience I ever had with any lawyer. They know what they are doing. They don’t promise anything beyond their capacity. Our case mostly handled by Ms. Ruchi. She handled each and every question from me in a very prompt and professional manner. I have rarely seen her getting frustrated by my questions which is very important from client’s perspective. It was worth every penny. I would highly recommend her Law firm for all of your immigration needs.

December 5, 2010 – Mr. & Mrs. M.

We needed an immigration attorney to help us apply for an adjustment of status based on marriage. We initially approached this law firm after researching immigration attorneys on the Web. Our main reasons were that [Ms. Thaker} appeared to have many satisfied clients and we didn’t want a big firm because we were looking for a firm that would be able to provide more personalized services. We found [her] to be very professional, highly experienced and we appreciated [her] attention to detail. We particularly appreciated that [she was] easy to get a hold of, available to discuss our concerns and patient enough to answer our questions. Whenever we contacted the firm, Ruchi answered the phone. If we sent [her] an email, we’d get prompt replies; once we sent an email late at night and we still got a reply that same evening. [She] always followed up to make sure everything was on track and always kept us informed of relevant developments. Our adjustment of status was approved and we received the green card about 4 months after we submitted our application. If you need an immigration attorney, we highly recommend that you talk to this law firm.

August 4, 2010 – Janice C.

This firm help me from leaving the United States. Hi, My name is Janice. I just recently got my green card after 14 years in the U.S. I was in deportation proceeding and was order to be removed from the United States. I was terrify when the judge ordered me removed. I was refer to this law office. I call and was given an appointment to come in for a consultation. The minute I walk into their office it was warm and welcoming. They answer all my question. They explain to me my situation and what they will do to let me stay in the United States. They reassure me that they will not let me leave the United States. They were so confident in fighting my case, and I was comfortable. I put all my confident in this law firm. They told me not to worry. Which I did worry because I was ordered to leave the United States. They kept me updated with my case sending me emails, regular mails and phone calls. If I had any question someone was always there to answer my question. They make it their duty to get in contacts with you . Even though, I was under pressure when I go to their office, they always make me smile and reassure me that everything will work out. I am happy that I hirer this firm to help me stay in United States. They are professional Lawyers and I never regretted one day that I hired them as my lawyers. I will definitely recommend this law firm. They get the tough job done. Remember I was ordered to Leave the United States and this firm allowed me to stay after fighting for me. I just became a permanent resident in July. Thank You. Keep up the good work.

June 14, 2010 – T.S.

Extremely Competent, Prompt, Professional and Diligent Team! We were seeking a competent immigration attorney for my mother, when I heard of this NYC Immigration Lawyers through my husband who was a member of BNI (Business Network Group) in Manhattan. Ms. Ruchi Thaker was a member of the same BNI chapter and had an exceptional reputation among its members. There was a great deal of positive feedback regarding the firm (e.g. high quality of legal representation, diligent approach, professionalism, promptness and responsiveness), and we finally decided to use its services. During our first meeting, Ms. Thaker openly advised us of different scenarios that might have taken place in the course of my mother’s immigration procedure. Ms. Thaker had an amazingly diligent approach to each of our inquiries, anticipating our questions and providing thorough answers and updates on our case in a timely manner. Ms. Thaker successfully overcame the obstacle of my mother speaking very little English. I, her daughter, served as the link in the communication between Ms. Thaker and my mother; however, my mother had to understand the key moments of the process and pass the administrative interview at the immigration. Ms. Thaker was very patient, and, as a result, my mother felt very confident and successfully passed the interview! It only took about 4 months for the entire process, and my mom received the Green Card. My mother and I were extremely satisfied with the legal representation that this NYC Immigration Lawyers provided us with, and we would certainly recommend the firm to anyone who needs a Competent, Prompt, Professional and Diligent Team to make their dreams come true!

June 3, 2010 – Yukiko

Thank you very much Ms. Thaker. One month after I married a US citizen, I started looking for an immigration lawyer on Internet and then I found this firm. They had great reviews from other people. When I went to Ms. Thaker’s and Mr. Berowitz’s office with my husband to discuss our case we were concerned about our age gap and the fact that I had been out of status for a long time. After the consultation, we felt comfortable with the two lawyers about their legal advice and thought we were fortunate to have found these lawyers. We immediately hired them. We were very happy and really appreciated that Ms. Thaker was our lawyer. She is not only very positive, kind and patient but she also always return my call or email me when I needed her advices.  Ms. Thaker adequately prepared our documents and us for our adjustment interview. I have examples; we had filed our tax return separately for certain reasons, but Ms. Thaker advised that we needed to have them fixed and file jointly. She recommended a good accountant and he fixed our tax return 5 days before the interview. And also unfortunately we had to have a second interview (stokes interview), but Ms. Thaker prepared my husband and me and we passed the second interview. A week after the second interview, my husband’s petition for me and my application for permanent residency were both approved. Without their help, we could not have made it. I strongly recommend Ms. Thaker. So if anyone needs immigration help, you have to go to them.

May 25, 2010 – Tom C.

The most competent immigration [lawyer] in NYC! I normally don’t write reviews, but I am making an exception here. I went to this firm after my wife and I had gone to her adjustment of status interview. My visa petition got approved, but my wife’s application to adjust status did not. The USCIS interviewer told us that we had 30 days to file a waiver application. We did not know what to do and we were very anxious. After we looked for immigration lawyers online, they all sounded the same. But then, we came across this firm. They had gotten great reviews from other people, so we decided to make an appointment. A few days later, we had a consultation with Ruchi Thaker and her firm. [She] listened carefully to everything that my wife and I had to say. [She] explained to us why the USCIS had asked we had to file Form I-601 waiver. [She] offered [her] services to us. After thinking about it for two days, my wife and I decided to hire Ruchi Thaker. [She] told us what we needed to do, including, getting certain documents and papers and that kind of thing. Ms. Thaker spent hours with me in her office and helped me write a detailed statement in which I spoke about my love for my wife and what I thought would happen to my family and me if my wife’s application to adjust status ended up being denied and if she was deported. There is no way I could have talked about these things on paper the way Ms. Thaker was able to talk about them. The firm filed the waiver application and the supporting documents before the deadline with the USCIS office in New York. Then, we waited for the decision of the USCIS. The firm even did several follow ups asking for a decision. That decision finally came in. Our waiver application and my wife’s application to adjust status were both APPROVED! Just a few weeks later, my wife received her green card in the mail!! When my wife and I first met with Ruchi Thaker and her firm, we believed that my wife’s situation was pretty bad. Yet, this lawyer did everything possible to help us, and all of [her] good, hard work paid off. My wife and I highly recommend this law office to those folks who have immigration problems or needs.

December 27, 2009 – E&K S.

Sincerest thank you!! Ruchi was our lawyer for my wife’s application for her green card in the U.S. While she started as our lawyer, she became a trusted advisor and confidant. What we expected to be a stressful process became much more reasonable due to Ruchi’s patient guidance. She took away the myths by educating us about what we could expect based on her experience. Throughout the process, she was open, warm and kind. We both felt that we were in good hands at all times. Our application was successful – and fast – and this was largely due to the care she took in advising us on all areas of the process. We can’t begin to say how much we appreciate what you have done. We remain very grateful for your expertise, professionalism, thoroughness, and kindness. E & K

October 21, 2009 – Michael M.

Thank you Ruchi….you are the best In 2005 my wife was caught up in a visa fraud scam and we were in the process of filing to remove the condition from her green card that she got through my marriage to her. We were nervous because we didn’t know how my wife, a victim of the fraud scam, would be viewed by the immigration agency or how her case would be affected. She had cooperated with the government in the past when they investigated the fraud scheme, but we didn’t know whether her involvement would affect her green card. We needed wanted legal council counsel who understood immigration laws and could help us from the beginning until the end of the I-751 process. because we didn’t know if this will have affected her case. We started searching the web Internet for an experienced immigration attorney. and it was there We came across the website of found [this] immigration [lawyer] in New York City. By reading past reviews we were very much impressed with their [her] service. We made an appointment with Ruchi Thaker. When we met with her at our consultation, and we felt so very comfortable with the points she made in response to our questions and concerns her point on answers to our questions. We decided to hire the firm immediately. Ruchi Thaker was very patient and knowledgeable with about current immigration laws and she always presented us with detailed information pertaining to my wife’s case. After we retain her service She kept us updated on communications received from the immigration agency, and told us what the next step would be. Ruchi was very prompt to get back to us via e-mails with when we asked her questions or expressed our concerns. and She told us in advance about letting us know ahead what information she will would need to processed our case. Me, my wife, our families and our friends were very much impressed with the Our I- 751 package that she sent to USCIS my family and friends was very much impressed. While we nervously waited for a decision, Ruchi told us to to keep our hopes up. While no lawyer can guarantee a specific outcome, knowing that Ruchi had prepared all of our paperwork correctly, my wife and I remained optimistic. Recently, we received an approval of our I-751 petition from the USCIS! We didn’t even have to go to an interview!! I am certain that all the preparation done by this firm helped in USCIS not needing to interview me and my wife on our I-751 petition. My wife and I are so happy now! We would recommend this firm to anyone who is seeking an experienced immigration attorneys. Whoever chooses [this lawyer] They will be very much satisfied with [her] quality service, quick responsiveness and [her] years of experience dealing with immigration laws. My wife case was approved! THANK YOU RUCHI FOR EXCELLENT WORK!

September 5, 2009 – Edith S. (New Jersey)

Thank You Ruchi! Job well done::-)) We highly recommend NYC immigration lawyer Ruchi Thaker. I am a United States citizen, and my husband was placed in removal proceedings. We were scared because we didn’t understand anything about immigration laws. After having a lawyer from Garfield, NJ, who did not show up for our first removal hearing at the immigration court, my husband and I desperately began looking for a good law firm who could competently represent my husband’s interest in staying in the United States. We were referred to the New York City immigration law firm of Ruchi Thaker. They specialize in immigration law and court From the moment we met with Ruchi Thaker and her firm, we felt relieved, even though there was a possibility that my husband could be deported. They answered all of our questions and told us what our options were and how they would litigate my husband’s case in immigration court. Even though we did not understand immigration laws, both lawyers made great efforts to explain to us exactly what my husband was facing in immigration court. I remember saying to my husband “Matt, we finally found lawyers who know immigration laws, who care about their clients, and who are willing to do everything in their power to help us with our case”. We hired the firm right away, and we were not disappointed. Ms. Thaker communicated with us regularly via e-mail. She responded to our questions right away. Ruchi Thaker attended my husband’s court hearings in Newark, New Jersey. She was always on time, most times getting to court before 8′o clock in the morning just so we could be the first ones the judge sees. She was always able to explain to the immigration judge what her position was in my husband’s case. The judge understood her and on certain complicated legal issues, agreed with us after Ms. Thaker had provided the judge with written legal arguments in our favor. Ruchi Thaker is not only a great lawyer, but she is very polite (in court and to us) and always well prepared for each court hearing. She always answered all our questions and concerns with a passion before and after every hearing. Before each hearing, she told us what to expect in court. After each hearing, she told us what just occurred in court. We never left the immigration court not knowing what happened and what the next step was. Recently, the immigration judge terminated my husband’s removal proceedings!! During the last two years, which were very difficult and stressful time for our family, I felt that Ms. Thaker  deeply cared for us and gave us positive encouragement to hope for the best outcome. Best of all, we felt very secure knowing that Ms. Thaker was our lawyer during this trying time in our life. I would highly recommend the immigration law firm of Ruchi Thaker to anyone out there looking for an immigration lawyer for help with removal proceedings in immigration court. No matter how simple or complicated the case, I am certain that this firm will properly represent their clients. Of course, no one can guarantee what will happen in the end, but going through the process with lawyers like Ms. Thaker makes the horrible process more comforting. My husband and I highly recommend this law firm. They are worth every penny! Thank You so much for all your help!! Job well done, Ruchi!!

July 29, 2009 – B. Diaw

Thank you Ruchi!!! Dear Ruchi, Words are not enough to describe our elation when we received the permanent residency card in the mail! Oh my gosh! Within weeks we have already planned a trip to my hubbys country. My mother in law and I will be meeting face to face for the first time in almost three years! What a blessing your services have been to us and to our families. Facing the reality of possible deportation was truly challenging, but your knowledge, care, thorough follow up, referrals, suggestions, guidance, focus, professionalism, and positive encouragement made it much easier to hope for the best during a very difficult time in our lives. Our questions were well answered, your involvement and follow-up was top notch, and we are glad we hired your firm to assist us with such an important matter. We shopped around for legal representation, but your no nonsense approach to the reality of our possibilities (residency or deportation) as well as your thoughtful options was one of the main determining factors in our choosing this firm. You made it clear what was needed for us to have the best chance of winning our case. And we won!!! We are very satisfied with the quality of service of your firm, and hope that many more families get the opportunity to share in our joy if ever faced with the same reality. Thank you for all that you have done for us. We highly recommend your service to all that are reading this. :-)

May 6, 2009 – Karishma

The best immigration lawyers!! From my personal experience I would and will recommend Ruchi Thaker to represent anyone who has immigration issues. She is a very caring and understanding lawyer,she is very blunt and will not give you the run around. My case was done very well and with efficient timing ,which is the best part! Once again Thank You again Ruchi!!

April 29, 2009 – Valentina B.

BEST LAWYER! I BELIEVE THAT THIS LAW FIRM ARE GREAT LAWYERS. All I have to say is that my family is been here for 15 years and we were going to a lawyer in New Rochelle and she was suppose solve our immigration status but she didnt….we went to her for about 9 years and all she did was help us get our social security cards…we got tired of nothing happening…. Until someone recommended this firm were able to solve all our problems in less than four years… I would totally recommend them because they are very professional and friendly.. they truly care … without a doubt i would tell anyone that needs help with immigration to go to them THANK YOU AGAIN RUCHI THAKER :)

February 12, 2009 – V.K.

Making life happier! My wife was in deportion/removal and in 10yrs ban for any legal immigration benefits. But because of Ruchi Thaker prompt, fast, and accurate actions now she has work permit, social security#, driver’s licence. Very soon, again with Ruchi Thaker prompt & fast legal actions, she’ll be green card holder. Ruchi Thaker, first step was to motion to re-open for the old 9yrs case which is big IMPOSIBLE for any lawyer. Within 2 months of hard case study, making all impt crucial paper work, she applied for motion to re-open and with 2 months from there motion to re-open for my wife was APPROVED. As a result, we do not get any more nightmares of my wife deportation, instead now she is legal here and we are waiting for her green card application to be APPROVED. If you are looking for any legal advice, from immigration point, take my word for it go nowhere but stick with [Ms. Thaker’s] law firm. You are not only choosing the BEST, but [a lawyer] who [is] fast, really work hard for your case, and make impossible into POSSIBLE.

July 28, 2008 – O.H.

Becoming a Permanent Resident within 3months of Filling I came to this country initially on a F1 visa and I completed my program of study, which meant my visa was about to expire. During this course I met my husband, but being novices to the immigration process, we were at a complete lost in regards to the filling process of becoming a permanent resident I randomly goggle immigration lawyers, without having any feedback, this firm came up in my search, I called and Ms. Ruchi Thaker actually answered the phone, from then I told my husband, I wanted to do business with her. She was very honest in our Consultation, and she requested every paper work she can think off that an immigration lawyer would possibly ask for. Ruchi kept us up to date on any emails or letters she received from immigration. I got my interview within 3mnths of filling my papers in which Ruchi accompanied us, and according to the agent “you hired a fine lawyer, if it wasn’t for her meticulous sense, you guys would be in hot water.”  I got approved for my greencard not to long after. I 100% recommend this firm, for a job well done.  Better Life!

June 27, 2008 – Yamit Z.

Best law firm out there.. Ruchi Thaker is the most professional and sincere lawyer I have ever dealt with, she is very forward and straight to the point. My Mother had to wait only one year to get her permanent residence card and the process couldn’t go any smoother, granted there were some minor bumps in the road but Ruchi always kept us calm, and assured us she will handle things accordingly, and she did so with the utmost respect and grace and never gave up, right when we thought there was no hope she assured us not to worry. Also, she informed us of every step she was taking along the way, through e-mails and phone calls, letters, etc… you leave her a message and she calls back as soon as she can ( which is more than i can say for most lawyers), it wasn’t just about the money with this firm, they have payment plans and care more about satisfying their customers and reaching the same goal as their clients. We are very happy with the outcome and the sincerity of this law firm and the way they handle things and will 100% recommend to anyone and will use for further services if need be. THANK YOU!!!

June 27, 2008 – Kristian A.

Fantastic service and Super Fast Process. Don’t Hesitate to call her I have dealt with many lawyers, but never and yet have to meet a better Lawyer than Ruchi Thaker. I was waiting 2+ years for my citizenship and after hiring Ruchi it was like magic. Everything was solved after a 2 month process. Not only that but I didn’t really provide much paper work and she kept me updated of every single e-mail and phone call she made. She is actually a lawyer who calls or e-mails you to keep you update no matter what the outcome is. I will definitely hire Ruchi again for any case she can handle and RECOMMEND HER TO ANYBODY. I am just shocked at how she handles business.