Arizona Immigration Law – Listen to the Discussion on Live Radio!

This Sunday, May 16, 2010, Ruchi Thaker, a partner at Thaker Berowitz LLP, will discuss the newly enacted Arizona immigration law live on Internet radio program “Inside the Volt” with John Voltarelli on WIFI 1460 AM.

The Arizona immigration law, signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer on April 23, 2010, aims to identify, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants.  The new Arizona law allows state officials to inquire into the immigration status of any person based upon “reasonable suspicion.”  The law means that all immigrants in Arizona must now carry their alien registration documents and it means that police can question anyone they think may be in the United States illegally.

Read Governor Brewer’s statement on enacting this new law.

Inside the Volt will air on Sunday, May 16, 2010 from 7:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. Inside the Volt is a news talk variety program.  It attempts to incorporate humor, skits, games and the personal anecdotes of the host, all while the issues of the day are explored and opinions are sometimes passionately expressed and shared.  Politics are discussed, but so are other human interests, such as personal relationships.  So….come Inside the Volt!

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To ask a question or to offer your opinion on the topic, feel free to call (609) 477-0236 during the live broadcast.

Ruchi Thaker

Ruchi Thaker is New York City-based immigration attorney with extensive experience and excellent reputation for effective legal representation in simple and difficult immigration cases. I have experience in areas of deportation defense (criminal and non-criminal), federal court litigation, representation on appeals and motions with the immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals, family-based immigration, asylum, naturalization, and consular processing.
Ruchi Thaker
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