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Greencard through consular processing and I-601 waiver

Sep 19, 2020 | Green card, I-601, Immigrant Visa, immigration, Waivers

This green card has an amazing story! Same-sex couple. The foreign national spouse was ineligible to adjust her status in the United States (even though she was married to a United States citizen) because of her inability to prove lawful entry with inspection when she was younger. After having lived in the United States for 20+ years with no status, I made her return to her country to consular process. We also had to file a waiver while she was abroad (we had discussed whether to file I 601A while she was in the United States or I-601 while she was abroad. Various factors went into choosing to file I-601 while she was abroad, since there was a likelihood that she would be found inadmissible for misrepresentation or fraud, which I 601A would not cure). It was really hard for the couple to stay separated for over a year (and with a one-year-old child to worry about) but in the end, it was all worth it. The foreign national spouse was able to return to United States lawfully a few weeks ago when she was granted her immigrant visa, and she just received her green card in the mail!  So thrilled for this wonderful family!  They are finally reunited in the United States and can now live without constantly worrying about immigration issues!

Ruchi Thaker