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The Nicest Words from a Client!

Nov 19, 2010 | Client Review

We just had to share this wonderful email we received from a client of ours, who was in serious immigration trouble, was detained, and was facing immediate deportation to his country.  We worked very hard on his case, and we successfully had his case reopened and secured his release from detention.  Attorney Ruchi Thaker worked on the matter, and this is what our had to say:

Attorney Ruchi,

I know I already spoke to you over the phone about my gratitude in your help but I want to express my thanks once again in the form of a poem.

Thank You Ruchi

You have been patient
You have been kind
Not only to me but to my whole family
And this I will never forget

You gave us good counsel
You provided us reassurance too
On what to do
And on what not to do

I appreciate your hard work
Not only in preparing my paperwork
And in re-opening my case
But also in getting me released from detention

You inspire me everyday
Because I know there is nothing to worry about
When I’m working with you
Since I know I’m in the right hands

I look forward to working with you even more
until I get my green card
and again if possible
until I get my citizenship

Thank You, Ruchi Thaker
You are the best!

An email like this from our client makes all of our work all worth it!

Ruchi Thaker