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Why We Do What We Do

Aug 2, 2011 | Client Review

Below is an e-mail we received today from the sister of a detained client, for whom we are filing a motion to reopen:

Just finished reading the brief, may I say that irrespective of my limited knowledge of legal proceedings and attendant documentations, my 10 year plus career as a professional microbiologist/public health specialist/child protection consultant with UNICEF/Executive of both not for and for profit organizations,means I know a well prepared document when I see one. This exceeds that baseline. It is comprehensive, well-written and easy for even a lay person to understand. You took a complicated sounding case and made (human) sense of it. I can read your expertise and (com)passion in the transcript. Thank you both for putting what reads like your best into this.

Nothing makes us happier than to read messages like this, because regardless of the outcome, we know we did our best and we know that the client and his/her family knows we did our best!

We thank all of our clients who have supported us with kind words over the years and THEY are the reason why we continue to do what we do!

Ruchi Thaker