Recent Board of Immigration Appeals Decisions of Interest

Check out the most recent precedent decisions issued by the Board of Immigration Appeals!  Some noteworthy decisions:

Matter of Garcia, 25 I.&N. Dec. 332 (BIA 2010): A convictions for a single crime involving moral turpitude that qualifies as a petty offense is not for an “offense referred to in section 212(a)(2)” of the INA, for the purposes of triggering the “stop-time” rule in INA section 240A(d)(1), even if it renders the alien removable under INA section 237(a)(2)(A)(i).

Matter of Legaspi, 25 I.&N. Dec. 328 (BIA 2010): An alien is not independently “grandfathered” for purposes of adjustment of status under INA section 245(i) simply by virtue of marriage to another alien who is “grandfathered” under section 245(i) as the result of having been a derivative beneficiary of a visa petition.

Check out the Virtual Law Library of the Executive Office for Immigration Review for more decisions of interest!

Ruchi Thaker

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Ruchi Thaker
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