The U.S. Immigration Court System

If you ever wondered why the U.S. immigration court system is so inefficient, here is a good article that explains why.

The system is overburdened with not enough resources.  More cases are being filed in immigration courts by the Department of Homeland Security.  Many immigrants are experiencing poor legal representation from immigration lawyers (or other legal representatives).  Delays of a year or longer for a case to be completed are normal.  This means some immigrants may be unable to travel internationally or even work lawfully until they successfully complete their immigration court case.

As frustrating as this process sounds, thousands of immigrants throughout the United States must deal with the immigration court system on any given day.  As immigration lawyers, we must also deal with this inefficient system on a daily basis.  It is often very difficult to explain to a client why their next hearing will not occur for another two years or so.  It is frustrating to have to wait so long for a resolution.  But patience is required.  Patience from clients and patience from lawyers.  Right now, there is no other way to combat this growing frustration.

Hopefully, the system will change for the better in the future…

Ruchi Thaker

Ruchi Thaker is New York City-based immigration attorney with extensive experience and excellent reputation for effective legal representation in simple and difficult immigration cases. I have experience in areas of deportation defense (criminal and non-criminal), federal court litigation, representation on appeals and motions with the immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals, family-based immigration, asylum, naturalization, and consular processing.
Ruchi Thaker
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